• Objective of portal.

    TMMS is working on an innovative platform development, where in the real time status of each PhD student can be monitored and observed by supervisors as well as by university. Students can update about their progress in thesis and supervisor can comment on their status, progress and problems. The objective of portal is to develop a system for helping the students to get appropriate help and mentoring online and to help them work more systematically on their thesis. This will be used for all thesis being carried out by the students in all PhD colleges/institutes, affiliated with GTU.

    This platform will help the students to remain in active contact with their faculty supervisor and International Co-Supervisors. On the site, the students will be able to update their progress in the thesis and on which the supervisor & the DPC members (if any), can comment on the status, progress and problems.

    This will increase collaboration and co-creation while improving novelty of their work. University is further planning to launch thesis mentoring activities for specific thesis by various industry experts, R&D professionals, and external faculty apart from GTU colleges.

    Mentoring can be done based on the specific area of the said thesis. Platform is been developed to invite mentor from anywhere in the world, interfaces will be generated to filter thesis based on various technological fields as per interest and technical expertise of the mentor. TMMS is a platform which covers multiple activities being carried student tenure of PhD.

    It covers various activities such as Student registration, PhD registration, Synopsis, Thesis, Public Viva Voce related to PhD. Various functionalities have been generated on TMMS platform for catering the need of students, supervisor and DPC Member. And further more features will be keep on adding to make it more user friendly.

  • What activities students are required to do on TMMS portal?

    All students are required to carry out following thesis activities on portal during tenure. They have to submit fees, generate Completion Certificate after PhD tenure and all mentioned activities on portal is complete. The students can upload fees, view marks, and view status of all activities on portal by their supervisor also online only. For all above activity, each student have to register with his details at and then students will get password via email to work on portal.

  • List TMMS activities for students.

    All Students need to mandatorily perform tasks on portal

    • Final PhD Registration Form

    • Fee Payment

    • Open Seminar

    • Synopsis

    • Thesis

    • Public Viva Voce

  • Who will review the tasks or activities as performed by students on TMMS?

    Once student SUBMIT details for any activity on TMMS portal via clicking on SUBMIT button, it MUST require to be reviewed by his/her supervisor.

    The review of any tasks as submitted by students, is the primary responsibility of his/her thesis guide.

  • Step by step student’s PhD registration for TMMS.

    Every student must register his/ her thesis, along with the details of the supervisors at the earliest on the portal. For this students must below steps: Students have to register for TMMS on portal

    Once this steps are finished by students, then the request for said team will goes to the faculty who had been selected as guide, and mail in this regard for team formation will also be sent by TMMS system to student/team members and selected guide.

  • Step by step supervisor registration for respective thesis in TMMS.

    Every supervisor, Co-Supervisor, International Co-Supervisor, DPC Members User ID and password for portal will be sent on email specified during registration

  • TMMS Password Recovery/Reset.

    Whenever the new user is being generated at TMMS, the log in credential of all users have been shared via email to all users by TMMS system.Still, the TMMS system has build a novel feature to recover the password via emailing feature, in case if it is forgotten by any user. All the active TMMS users can recover their TMMS password via submitting the registered Email Id at following web link: Once above step is done, TMMS system will send email along with user ID and password to registered user email address on real time basis.

  • TMMS change email ID for STUDENT

    If any student have made any mistake while filling the student registration form to type correct mail address then TMMS system allows such students to change their email address. Follow below steps to change email address in TMMS
    1. Log in using password of TMMS
    2. After log in students can change their mail ID under Edit profile option and update email address.
    3. Then it’s done....!

  • Email ID to be changed/corrected for Faculty in TMMS.

    Follow below steps to change email address in TMMS
    1. Log in using password of TMMS
    2. After log in faculty can change their mail ID under Edit profile option and update email address.
    3. Then it’s done....!

  • What is difference between COMMENT & REVIEW button on TMMS portal, under Supervisor/Co-supervisor/International Co-supervisor /DPC Members account?

    Students may re-edit the items, if faculty has given COMMENT, but if faculty has REVIEW it then students may not re-edit the same afterwards. Comment: If the supervisor click on comment (as per their observations) then it means, student will respond specific to the comment. And so student CAN further modify the details, and after which faculty has to REVIEW the changes as made by students. Review: If the supervisor click on review, then it means their supervisor are satisfied with the work of student and hence it will be finally submitted to university. No further modification will be possible their after. Once student SUBMIT details for any PhD via clicking on SUBMIT button, it is MUST require to be reviewed by their supervisor. Co-supervisor/International Co-supervisor /DPC Members can only comment and download activities of their PhD students

  • What is the review process and role of supervisor on TMMS (GTU-PhD portal)?

    Once student submits the activities on the PhD portal, all have to be reviewed by respective supervisor preferably by project internal guide. Faculty will download the reports as submitted by student and will review the same. Faculty will review the canvases along with their inputs and insights.

  • Supervisor role for DPC Review Process of the PhD student

    The supervisor has to ensure that they intimate University about conduct of DPC review dates at least 7 days prior to DPC conduct in format present on University website must submitted to University in hard copy